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ChesMRC Crossover Ceremony for Cub Scout Pack 003

ChesMRC brings cultures together at Boy Scouts Crossover Ceremony in Easton

“It’s a symbolic moment of the moving into their new project,” says Matthew Peters, Executive Director of ChesMRC and leader of Pack 003 of Easton.

The project started as a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America in 2012 and now has flourished with over 40 scouts in Pack 003 annually. When families first arrive here from a different culture, speaking a different language, the transition to American citizenship and values can be difficult. ChesMRC’s mission is to make that transition as easy as possible so families remain strong, children excel in school and community bonds are formed that make life better for everyone.

One of the strongest programs to connect families to this culture is the ChesMRC scouting program included within our afterschool program. Not only does it help connect children to traditions and cultures of this country and the immediate community, but it helps to engage the families and parents to feel welcome and grow with their children.

Countries represented of the scouts crossing over include Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Vietnam and some of the boys have only been in America a few years.

Watch the full video here courtesy WBOC 16 

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