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ChesMRC Now an Application Counselor Sponsoring Entity

ChesMRC Keeping Kids Healthy

As part of a two – year contract that recently ended with SEEDCO, ChesMRC was able to train (2) certified application counselors (CAC) on staff and is now it’s own Application Counselor Sponsoring Entity (ACSE) for Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

What is an ASCE?

An Application Counselor Sponsoring Entity (ACSE) is an organization that employs or engages staff to become Certified Application Counselors (CACs). The ACSE program was developed by the Maryland Heath Benefit Exchange as one of the many consumer assistance programs supported by Maryland Health Connection to provide in-person assistance to consumers who need help applying for and enrolling in health care coverage on the Maryland Health Connection website. CACs assist with determining eligibility for insurance affordability programs, including advanced premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies, the Maryland Medical Assistance Program, and the Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP).

ChesMRC has been successfully enrolling and renewing families in Medicaid or Qualified Health Plans since 2017 and to date have successfully enrolled over 350 adults and children with appropriate health insurance.