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ChesMRC works to raise Easton’s “Cultural Competence”

The Star Democrat featured an article on ChesMRC’s cultural competence and interpreter program it launched over this past year.

Since the initiative launched in August of 2017, ChesMRC has offered cultural competency training’s to  more than 300 service-oriented employees from Talbot County and has completed it’s first 40-hour Community Interpreter Training where 31 participants from the

Matthew Peters trained 170 Easton Utility employees on cultural competency in our community

Eastern Shore were trained to become certified interpreters.

The goals of the cultural competency program are to develop and implement a training program (to build cultural competence of agencies in Talbot County) and begin to establish training programs for local interpreters while developing self-sustaining service within the community.

By ensuring the non-English speaking (NES) community has access to trusted professional interpreters and culturally competent, educated service providers, life becomes better for everyone, social problems are reduced and we allow our NES neighbors to become productive and contributing community members.

The full article featured in the Star Democrat can be found here: Raising Easton’s _cultural competence_ _ Stardem _