Board Of Directors

Harvey Zendt, President

Rosalee Potter, Vice President

Lawrence B. Burrows, Treasurer

Karen Burke, Secretary

Timothy Cureton

Ramon Gras

Constance Hope

Michael Klein

Tracie Thomas

In Memory of  ChesMRC Board President, John Ford

A Tribute to John Ford

The Board of Directors and Staff of The Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center formally proclaim their appreciation for all that John did to support the mission of our organization. John provided remarkable energy, wisdom, and a myriad of skills to strengthen many of our projects, and he did so in his usual humble, positive manner. He stepped up on many occasions to solve problems, and his leadership on the Board was respected by all its members.

The Board and Staff all felt supported by John and knew that our organization was a better one because of his presence. He set an example for what is expected of a leader, an example that will stay with the organization even though he is no longer with us. For all these reasons, the legacy of John Ford is a powerful one. We are all better stewards of ChesMRC and its mission for having known and worked with him. Please know that his spirit is alive and remains with us.