Language Access and Cultural Competence

Mission:  Increase Talbot County agencies’ cultural competence and capacity for bi-lingual communication with the Hispanic community.

Vision:  The non-English speaking Hispanic community of Talbot County will have access to trusted, professional interpreters and culturally competent services across all agencies of Talbot County.

Inspired by the values of excellent public service, cultural inclusiveness, and an appreciation for diversity, Talbot County is leading the implementation of a Language and Cultural Competence program.  This initiative recognizes the unique challenges that non-English speakers experience to access resources, as well as our local agencies’ opportunity to ensure the provision of high quality services to all residents, including those who face language and cultural barriers.

The inception of this project dates back to 2016,  when a group of leading agencies came together as a committee with the mission of increasing cultural competence and capacity for bilingual communication with the Hispanic community.  Other organizations that provide bilingual services in the community are also contributing to our work.


Our work focuses on two general areas: Language Access, building local capacity for professional interpretation, and Cultural Competence, promoting effective service delivery for individuals from different cultures.

Cultural competence presentations are available through this project. Please contact for information.

Professional interpreter trainings  and Spanish courses are also available through Chesapeake College. For information about these courses please contact Ms. Lois Thomas.