Professionally Trained Interpreters

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“I was able to bring 5 new interpreters on board to help us with our Spanish-speaking families. It’s a relief to find so many highly qualified people who are experienced in interpreting.”

Theresa Connors, Supervisor of English Learners, Instructional Technology, Library-Media, and Fine Arts, Dorchester County Public Schools.


The Community Interpreter® International Graduates

The individuals listed below successfully completed a minimum 40-hour training in Community Interpreting and demonstrated adequate oral proficiency in a secondary language (test conducted by Language Testing International). Three certificate levels have been established to differentiate proficiency levels (see description after the list).  Each interpreter’s level is noted in the certificate.

Pictured Left: Our Fall, 2019 Generation!



  1. Alan Ibanez-Gallegos (English-Spanish)
  2. Alexis Quintana (English-Spanish)
  3. Alouse Jean (English-Haitian Creole)
  4. Ana Fernanda Padilla Lopez (English-Spanish)
  5. Ana P. Argueta (English-Spanish)
  6. Anabel G. Hinojosa (English-Spanish)
  7. Anastacio Rauda-Ordonez (English-Spanish)
  8. Anderson Watson (English-Spanish)
  9. Beronica Sanchez Bartolon (English-Spanish)
  10. Beverlie Pierville (English-Haitian Creole)
  11. Brenda Horrocks (English-Spanish)
  12. Carla S. Ibarra (English-Spanish)
  13. Cecilia Ramos (English-Spanish)
  14. Claudia L. Reyes (English-Spanish)
  15. Eny E. Christianson (English-Spanish)
  16. Faria Mejia (English-Spanish; English-Urdu)
  17. Glenda Velasquez (English-Spanish)
  18. Guy V. Tresente (English-Spanish)
  19. Hamlet Perez-Villalona (English-Spanish)
  20. Hianna Sabo (English-Spanish)
  21. Ingrid Diaz Lopez (English-Spanish)
  22. Jacqueline Escobar (English-Spanish)
  23. Janelle Torres (English-Spanish)
  24. Janine Puma (English-Spanish)
  25. Jennifer E. Villacorta (English-Spanish)
  26. Jocelyn E. Portillo (English-Spanish)
  27. Juanita T. Del Valle-Santos (English-Spanish)
  28. Karen Luceti (English-Spanish)
  29. Karla J. Altamirano (English-Spanish)
  30. Katie Sevon (English-Spanish)
  31. Linda Persaud (English-Spanish)
  32. Lisaura Estrella (English-Spanish)
  33. Lorelly Solano (English-Spanish)
  34. Marangeliz Perez (English-Spanish)
  35. Margaret J. Rhodes (English-Spanish)
  36. Maria E. Arias (English-Spanish)
  37. Maria E. Delgado-Myers (English-Spanish)
  38. Mayra Torres (English-Spanish)
  39. Meliza Escalante (English-Spanish)
  40. Michely Valentin (English-Spanish)
  41. Mollie Patrick (English-Spanish)
  42. Nathalie Lopez (English-Spanish)
  43. Noeli Perez Perez (English-Spanish)
  44. Nora Patricia Ortega (English-Spanish)
  45. Oscar Martinez-Gonzalez (English-Spanish)
  46. Paula Ramirez (English-Spanish)
  47. Rebecka Vujinovic Lundin (English-Swedish, French)
  48. Rosa Cruz (English-Spanish)
  49. Sindy E. Leiva de Reyes (English-Spanish)
  50. Valerie Murphy (English-Spanish)
  51. Vanessa Reyes (English-Spanish)
  52. Victoria Gomez (English-Spanish)
  53. Daisy Aguilar Hernandez (English-Spanish, * Pending Language Proficiency Test due to COVID-19 Delay)
  54. Leslie Lievano-Osorio (English-Spanish, * Pending Language Proficiency Test due to COVID-19 Delay)
  55. Fabiola Marquez (English-Spanish, * Pending Language Proficiency Test due to COVID-19 Delay)
  56. Annette Matias (English-Spanish, * Pending Language Proficiency Test due to COVID-19 Delay)
  57. Mildred Morales (English-Spanish, * Pending Language Proficiency Test due to COVID-19 Delay)
  58. Greisy Sanchez-Herrera (English-Spanish, * Pending Language Proficiency Test due to COVID-19 Delay)

Certificate Differentiation: Clients and employers may inquire about the proficiency level of each interpreter. See guidance below:

Level 1: Qualified Interpreters: Highest recognition. May be capable of handling the more challenging or technical assignments. Scored ACTFL Superior or Advanced High for language proficiency.

Level 2: Professionally Trained Interpreters: May be appropriate for intermediate level of assignments. Scored ACTFL Advanced Mid or Advanced Low for language proficiency.

Level 3: Hospitality Interpreters: May be qualified to greet or direct patients or clients, make appointments, and handle basic assignments. Scored ACTFL Intermediate High for language proficiency.

To learn more about the ACTFL proficiency guidelines, please click here.

Special Recognition: The following participants satisfactorily completed course requirements with the exception of Language Proficiency Test

  1. Cinthya Collins Walker
  2. Jodie L. Bornman

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