Business Resources

Are You a Business Owner or Want to Start a Business?

CheMRC has partnered with Uniting for Entrepreneurship in Maryland and The Talbot County Economic Development and Tourism to provide the information needed for those who are looking to start a business or for those who want to grow their business.
Below you will find information on resources to help you get started.
  • 13 Tips/ 13 Consejos
  • Opening up a Food Business
  • Opening up a Landscaping Business
  • Opening up a Grocery Store
  • Opening up a Home Improvement Business 
  • Opening up a Building Company 

Permit Applications for Talbot County

  • Food Permit
  • Temporary feed permit 
  • Building/ adding/ improving
  • Tree Cutting

Things You May Need

  • Insurance (for Business) workers Comp
  • Health Insurance 
  • Payroll System
  • Accounting/ Taxing Services

Partner Organizations/ Places/ People That Can Help

  1. SBDC Contact 
  2. Talbot County Economic Development & Tourism Contact 
  3. Entrepreneurship Place in Easton
  4. Chamber of Commerce Easton 
  5. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 
  6. MD Blank Chamber of Commerce