Cultural Competence Presentations

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“I thought it was great. Helpful to hear information that can actually bring our communities together rather than further pull them apart “. -Participant’s Testimony.

Our project is assisting the community in creating a shared understanding about cultural competence. Since 2017, more than 1,000 individuals that provide services in the community have benefited from this training.

This two-hour training provides information about cultural diversity, cultural competence, self-awareness, cross cultural dynamics, and strategies for community integration. The presentation features a Central American community, as a real-life example that integrates the topics discussed. The program is offered by Mr. Matthew Peters, Executive Director of the Multicultural Resource Center. His extensive experience in cultural competence is a result of living more than a decade in Rural Guatemala, and serving the Hispanic Community in the Eastern Shore since 2012.


Cultural competence presentations are invaluable for businesses and organizations. For information, please contact