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Building Better Citizens

The ultimate goal of ChesMRC is to help immigrants to our area become active, productive citizens, making a positive contribution to the community.

Already recognized for its work as a resource and referral service, ChesMRC is now a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) accredited organization. With a proven method of success, ChesMRC can assist motivated individuals not only with citizenship & English classes, but with correctly filling out and filing all necessary paperwork keeping them moving in the right direction on their legal journey.samina-flag

To date, everyone that has participated in these classes and taken the citizenship test has become a US Citizen. Being able to now offer this service at little to no charge saves our clients thousands of dollars, savings that will be spent in the local economy of the Eastern Shore.


Client 10-year old Ariana Hurtado proudly holds her US Naturalization Papers after ChesMRC assisted in obtaining her US citizenship

Today, more than 1 out of every 7 people living in Maryland were born in another country. Maryland alone has seen more than 10% growth in the immigrant population over the last 4 years and during the past decade the Eastern Shore of Maryland has experienced a significant shift in demographics as new immigrant populations settled and continue to grow.

As a community we must do our best to better understand the world in which these immigrant families live; incredible hardship in their native country, fear of deportations, families dis-joined and fragmented and the inability/fear to communicate openly. ChesMRC’s mission, objectives and values are to be the central source of information and support to service providers about the immigrant community and at the same time be the trusted source of information for the immigrant community.

Since ChesMRC’s inception in 2012, the mid-shore region has seen the effects of having healthy multicultural families engaged in the community.Service providers have come to rely on ChesMRC as a source of relief in resolving the gap that existed between our immigrant families and their services and families have finally started to come out of the shadows to embrace this new world. By building stronger families and communities, life is better for everyone and social problems are reduced.