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August 2020: ChesMRC celebrates 8th Anniversary

Dear Friends,

ChesMRC is celebrating its eighth anniversary and we invite you to commemorate this amazing undertaking by visiting our special anniversary page!We can’t believe it’s been eight years since our incorporation! On August 23 of 2012, with great appreciation for the immigrant community and in recognition of its unique challenges, ChesMRC embarked on a journey to contribute to the  empowerment and success of all  people from different cultures that enrich the social fabric of our community.

Over the years, the one-person operation of the early days rapidly grew into a strong group of friends, volunteers, employees, and supporters.  Many of you have been with us from the very beginning, and we thank you for your friendship, loyalty, and continued support!

One of our greatest achievements during this time has been the acquisition of our permanent home at 331 E. Dover St. Easton, MD 21601.  We have created a space to which our clients can come for assistance, can feel comfortable, and can grow. We are looking forward to being able to serve our community for many years to come. To ensure that we can do that, we are working hard to achieve fiscal and financial stability. For that we need your help.

To recognize this milestone of eight years of service, we are embarking on a celebratory ‘brick and mortar’ fundraiser! We would love for you to be a part of this effort by making a special contribution to our Capital Fund. Your gift will help us to reduce our mortgage and to continue with renovations to bring our building to full potential.

You’ve always helped us to serve our community through contributions to our operating fund. Now, we invite you to strengthen the core of our organization though an additional gift to our Capital Fund. This special ‘brick and mortar’ fundraiser will run until the end of August, but, of course, you are welcome to make a contribution to our Capital Fund at any time during the year.  Thank you so much for being one of our loyal supporters. You help us to make our community a better place!   We appreciate you!

Mateo, the ChesMRC Staff, and Board of Directors