Memories from Honduras

By Estela Ramirez

In many Latin American countries, the big celebration takes place on December 24. Growing up in Honduras, this was the happiest day for the children of my family.

Our grandma took care of eight of us, and she made each Christmas celebration memorable for us. She woke us up at 5 am on the 24th to help with the preparations. Together we made tamales, cooked the “gallinas” (chicken), and cleaned the house. We loved the 24th because, as a gift, we received new clothes to celebrate the occasion. Grandma gave us our new clothes at midday, for us to wear later at the party. At around 5 pm, the family would come together, play music, set the table, and enjoy each other’s company. We, the children, would go outside and play. We had domestic fireworks throughout the night, and we saved a few for midnight.

Grandma Tomasa Amaya passed away this year, but her memory will always be with us. We will never forget her efforts to give us a happy childhood and a merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


Published on December 11, 2020.