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Talbot Family Network awards ChesMRC Healthy Habits Grant

Last year, the TFN Healthy Habits grant allowed ChesMRC to bring a group of students and parents to Harris Teeter for a Healthy Scavenger Hunt

ChesMRC was recently awarded funding from Talbot Family Network (TFN) for the FY 2018 Healthy Habits Program. The Healthy Habits Program will be implemented in conjunction with the ChesMRC after-school program integrating enrichment lessons focusing on hunger and nutrition for grades 1-5. The program targets Free and Reduced Price Meals Program (FARMs) children with research based nutrition education and after-school meals.

ChesMRC is excited to again partner with Talbot Family Network for FY 2018 to focus on bringing healthy habits to the students and families in our programs. Last year’s Healthy Habits program that was included in the ChesMRC after-school program proved to be a great success and this year will bring even more fun and exciting health programming to our youth.

The goal is to increase children’s knowledge and exposure to healthy, nutritious foods and engage their families in learning as well. In 2017, ChesMRC held 114 nutrition based activities and were able to reach 380 students and parents introducing them to healthy eating habits and exercise.

The program, delivered in an after-school format by Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE) trained program staff,  utilizes a FSNE approved curriculum such as Growing Healthy Habits, Grow it, Try it, Like it; or Gardening for Nutrition.

The ChesMRC after-school program in partnership with Talbot County Public Schools and Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) provides after-school education to about 120 children a year grades 1-5 and is run concurrently with the academic year. The funding provided by TFN will assist with funding enrichment leaders and coordinators, and provide materials to implement and teach the Healthy Habits program.